About Us


A Little History....

 The Barn at Gooseneck Bend is a rustic wedding venue in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and is owned and operated by Thomas & Chandra Faulk.  God has blessed us with a mostly blissful, albeit imperfect marriage of 20 years. This union has borne fruit of the most precious kind in our four children, Nathan, Abbey, Grace and Ruthie, all four of which were born in the first quarter of the year exactly two years apart. Needless to say, in the early years of our marriage, Spring was a busy time of either having, making or caring for babies. Now that the child bearing years have passed, its only natural for us to look for something to keep us busy in the Spring time. Hey! We’ve got a huge barn and most weddings happen in the Spring. Let’s try that!



What We Do....


Here’s a little bit about what each of us does in our efforts to make The Barn at Gooseneck Bend the best rustic wedding and special events venue ‘round here. 

Thomas is the main farm hand and Mr. Fix-it, handling everything from pasture and barn maintenance, to repairs and hanging decorations. (He does what he's told. It works best that way!) In his capacity as Director of Facilities & Services at The Barn (ooooh, that sounds so official.....much better than "The Maintenance Guy") he serves as the gatekeeper, making sure all events are in keeping with the old-fashioned, family-friendly image and environment The Barn is seeking to promote.  He is also a licensed minister in the state of Oklahoma and able to perform marriage ceremonies, if needed.  A manager, minister,  & maintenance guy--bet you never met one of those before!

Chandra is the main contact person, working with brides and  other customers on scheduling tours, weddings, and other special events.  (She’s the planner, organizer and schedule keeper for this outfit. She’s lost without her day planner… and we’re lost without her!) 

Nathan, our son, works with Thomas on building and grounds maintenance, but also assists with parking during events. Abbey, our oldest daughter, helps with keeping the barn neat and tidy, but also helps with decorating. Grace, our second daughter, loves to dance and makes sure our dance floor is in tip top shape. Our youngest daughter, Ruthie, enjoys keeping everyone entertained while they are working. All four of them help their parents tremendously, and when they aren’t helping…...well, they keep us occupied, to say the least. 

Chandra’s sister Shavonne,and their mother, Sheila, also get in on all this fun by helping with decorating (forget helping—Shavonne DOES the decorating because she has a natural eye for what looks good!), and Sheila is always helping with the grandkids—either keeping them out of trouble, or sometimes getting into it with them. 

As you can see (or should we say "read"), family is pretty important to us. God has blessed us with a fantastic family, both immediate and extended, and our sincerest desire is to honor the Lord by working together as a family and using any talents He has given us to make The Barn at Gooseneck Bend the best rustic wedding and special events venue in Oklahoma!